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Nick and Phoenix Marie are all decked out in black. He’s supposed to be a tough biker guy which means he gets to bark orders and slap her gently on the face. Somehow Nick playing tough and sexually dominating this women makes me want to roll my eyes. This is where we get to see Phoenix’s acting skills I suppose. She drops down to her knees and follows orders, sucking his cock and deep throating him without so much as batting an eye. As always, Nick talks way too much and tries his best to fuck her hard. You know that thing that we say about porn cocks looking bigger in the hands of petite girls? With that in mind, why would anyone shoot Nick with Phoenix’s ass? The actual sex is pretty good. Phoenix has great curves and gets her pretty ass spanked while Nick fucks her from behind. He has her bent over the bike and slides his dick into her ass. I have rarely scene Phoenix do a scene that isn’t at least worth watching. She carries the action here. The best shots come with her legs up over their heads as he bangs away. Nick pulls out and shoots all over her pussy and lower belly.



Only Anal Until Marriage

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The Incredible Slut

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