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This next girl up is probably known to a few of you out there. The scene begins with Madison wearing a dress but that's quickly shed and she's diddling herself right there in the classroom. Well someone catches her because the next shot takes us to detention later that day and her wardrobe's changed too as she's now in her schoolgirl finest- checkered skirt, white shirt, stockings-- you know the look. Ahh I see Madison's not alone in the cell and soon her cellmate is up and can't seem to keep his hands off Madison who doesn't object. A little pussy eating and just as the action's heating up a guard shows up- but he doesn't stop the action, nope he becomes part of it giving Madison two cocks! Some very nice and classic two fisted head as Madison gets between the guys, deep throating too. The outfit stays on too as the fucking commences, the guys trade off her pussy early on then later attack her ass plus a couple dp's too. We get the guys blasting off to her mouth to close the scene, Madison doing good to let the jizz slide down her throat plu some sensual slow cleanup head.



Before the Party

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