genres:  Gonzo  Anal  MILF  Big Boobs  Oral  Blowjob  Creampie
staring:  Phoenix Marie  Rocco Reed

Scene Five: Phoenix “Xena” Marie, the brunette featured on the left side of the front cover, was up next as she hooked up with lost love Rocco “Hercules” Reed when he came to warn her of the plot afoot. She was substantially better cast than he was here, her strong legs and arms much more readily comparable to those of Lucy Lawless (back in her heyday) than Rocco was to Kevin Sorbo. Still, the costuming was close enough for a porno, their hands pawing each other as he nuzzled her neck and felt up her ample rack. This led to him using his hand on her pussy (initially under her loincloth/leather skirt), Phoenix kneeling in front of him to inhale his pecker orally as she applied some hand to gland combat to enhance the levels of friction he received. She really showed the others how to blow a guy, her eye contact being the icing on the cake as she took him into her mouth to the bone, his leather pants remaining on as she serviced his rod and balls. This prolonged hummer led to him porking her pussy, the strong vaginal leading to and even harder anal drilling of the young lady. Phoenix gave up some dirty talk too, the gal taking charge of the anal romp by reversing roles to squat above him and allow his cock to penetrate her even deeper. There was ATM and choking as well, Rocco losing his load of ball batter as he tossed off into her anal gape, the couple kissing deeply in a display of affection and chemistry at the end.



Business Too Casual

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ZZ Pizza Party: Part 2

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