Business Too Casual

3 12032 00:39:09
staring:  Britney Amber  Ramon

Britney has a habit of dressing inappropriately at work and her coworkers have started to complain. In a meeting with Ramon, her HR supervisor, she is given several examples of just how inappropriate her clothing is. Not wanting to get in trouble, Britney offers up her hot wet mouth in order to avoid getting reprimanded. You’d think it would be a simple tit-for-tat, but a power struggles ensues when it occurs to her that her supervisor is being just as wildly inappropriate as she is. Ever the team-builders, Britney and Ramon manage to find a solution that results in everyone’s satisfaction. As it turns out, with an ass as good as hers, Britney won’t have to worry about her co-workers being anal about her outfits anymore.



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