Mason turns on the camera as Lisa walks in the door. She’s carrying her own bags and says she had a good night sleep in anticipation of the day’s events. They talk a little about what’s about to happen and then her men come in one by one. None of them know what they are in for until Lisa Ann tells them. Mason films some of the stills being shot and Lisa is wearing the dynamite outfit she is wearing on the box cover. Finally, Lisa gives some final words before the scene starts and you can tell she’s excited. She is rarin’ to go. Finally, the main event, she does some teasing on a staircase and that smile and that body should be in a museum somewhere. It’s a sight to behold. She walks by her gauntlet of men and gives each of them a little kiss. There are four white cocks and 3 black cocks in the picture so there’s going to be something for everyone. The men form a semi-circle around her so that they can feel the goods, then Lisa starts giving them all some oral attention. She treats them all equally and almost gets lock jaw. LOL. They pull an ottoman into the middle of the room for her comfort and start going at it in her pussy. The only problem with gang bangs is watching 3 or 4 men at a time standing on the side stroking their cocks. But, luckily, Mason avoids some of that and keeps the camera focused on the action with Lisa Ann. She gets pounded pretty good before she opens up her ass. There is some anal but the boys go more for the DP’s so 2 or more can get pleasured at once. This is a hot scene and Lisa must have been exhausted by the time it was over. After almost an hour of action, Lisa Ann gets 7 loads dropped on her face. Mason interviews her after the scene, still covered in cum, and Lisa Ann is overjoyed.



Her First Big Sale

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